3DSCANNED H&M Ltd was founded in 2016. The main field is to create and sale of a variety of 3D models. This Finnish company is a subsidiary of 3DCONSULTING H & E Ltd which was established in 2010. 3DCONSULTING H & E Ltd produces among others architectural visualization images. Many of Finland's top architects have been around for several years 3DCONSULTING H & E Ltd's clients. www.3dconsulting.fi


Our specialists are highly skilled and adapt perfectly to global commerce. 3DSCANNED H&M Ltd's aim is to commission models more widely and reach customers around the world. Hopefully we woke your interest and hear from you soon.


The Use of Models:

The models are made such that they are suitable for as many users and a variety of programs. Smaller models support formats PLY, STL, WRL, OBJ, MAX  and use the Vertex Color texturing. The Human Library is available in formats OBJ, DAE, and MAX which is textured with Uwnrap- feature.

The  resale of models is prohibited.

Copyright 2016 3DSCANNED H&M Oy.

You can also make targeted modeling / scanning orders, please contact us.


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Customer Feedback and questions:

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